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Bangladesh hian a ram chhunga Rohingya raltlan rawn lut chhawmdawl nan khawvel hnenah puihna an dil a ni. Mahse bangladesh chuan a ramchhunga Rohingya raltlante tan Israel-in chhawmdawlna hlan a tum chu a pawm lo.

Mahse inhawng tak a Israel-in chhawmdawlna pek a tum vang hian Bangladesh chuan Israel chungah lawmthu an sawi. Israel chuan bangladesh leh an ram inkara inthian thatna nghet zawk a lo awm theih nan tiin bangladesh chhunga rohingya raltlante hi chhawmdawl tum an nih thu israel foreign minister-in a sawi bawk

Bangladesh-in Israel puihna a pawm loh chhan chu thildang vang ni lo in, Israel puihna a dawng anih chuan muslim ramdang nena an inzawmna a chiat an hlauh vanga israel puihna hi pawm lo mai an nih thu bangladesh chuan an sawi bawk.

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