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Timberlake-a’n North America lam a hawi

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Justin Timberlake chuan North America lam a hawi a, March thla aṭangin tour a nei ang.

Timberlake hian February 2 hian album thar ‘Man of the Woods’ a tlangzarh dawn a, hemi tihlarna atan hian tour hi a nei dawn a ni. Tour a neih tur thu hi Thawhṭanni khan a puang a, March 13 khian Air Canada Centre, Toronto-ah bul a ṭan dawn a ni.  New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Nashville, Miami leh khawpui hrang hrangah concert hi a nei dawn a, May 30-ah a kharna hun Memphis-ah neih a ni ang. Ticket pawh vawiin aṭangin lei thei tura chawpchhuah a ni ang.

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