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Taylor Swift a tour rei dawn

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Taylor Swift a tour rei dawn

Taylor Swift chuan a album ‘Reputation’ tihlarna turin tour a nei dawn a, May – October chhungin hmun hrang hrangah a concert dawn a ni.

Swift hian a album parukna turin nikum November 10 khan ‘Reputation’ hi a tlangzarh a, hralh pawh a kal rem rem hle. Sum lalut hnemin lar viau tawh mah se a la duh tawk mai lo a, tour nei tur hian ruahmanna a siam leh ta a ni. May 8 khian Glendale, Arizona-ah tour hi a ṭan dawn a, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusets, Minnesota leh Texas-ah te a concert zui ang.

Swift hian North Amrica lam a hrut dawn a, a tour neih tur hi a turu dawn hle. Ticket pawh tun thla tawp lam aṭang hian hralh chhuah tura ruahman a ni. Hmun 40 chuangah a concert dawn a, October 6 khian AT&T Stadium, Texas-ah tour kharna hi a nei ang.

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