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PETA-in Mariah Carey award hlan dawn

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) chuan Mariah Carey hnenah ‘Angel for Animals Award’ an hlan dawn.

PETA senior vice president Lisa Lounge chuan, “Carey hian a hla ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’-ah ramsa leh nungcha humhalhna lam hawi animation a telh avangin award hi hlan a ni dawn a ni” tiin, mipuite hnena zirtirna a pek avang award an hlan tur thu hi a sawi a ni. All I Want For Christmas Is You hi kum 1994 daih tawha tlangzarh kha a ni a, tun thlenga mite en leh ngaihthlak hlawh ber pakhat a la ni mek.

Mariah Carey hian a hla hit hi a hlawhtlinpui hle a, Billboard Hot 100-ah pawh pakhatna a lo hauh tawh a ni.


  1. S.George mangboi says

    sap ho hi mak thei khawp mai..Saruak dawn2 a inlan an hreh loh hi mak khawp mai..

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