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Miss Universe thlanna neih zawh taka Iraq aiawha tel Sarah Idan chuan Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman a selfie pui avangin thaha vauna a dawng mauh mai.

Miss Iraq Sarah Idan hian Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman nena an thlalak dunna hi social media lamah a tarlang a, a thlak post avang hian amah leh a chungte chuan vauna hi an tawk ta a ni. Vauna hi an chenna inah hnutchhiah a ni a, a thalak post hi a paihbo a nih loh chuan amah leh an chungkaw tana a pawi thei dawn niin a thu dawnah hian a inziak a ni.

He thil thleng avang hian Sarah Idan chuan an in hi an chhuahsan rih thu a sawi a, boruak a ralmuan hma chuan an inah hian let leh an tum rih lo tih a sawi. Idan hi US-ah a awm mek a ni. Hetih lai hian a vautute hi tute nge an ni tih chhui mek a ni.

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