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Enrique leh Bad Bunny thawkdun

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Enrique leh Bad Bunny thawkdun

Enrique Iglesias chuan hla thar a tichhuak hnai a, a hla thar tihchhuah turah hian Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny nen an thawkdun.

Enrique hla thar hi ‘El Baño’ (The Bath) a ni a, January 12 hian tlangzarh a ni ang. Enriquehian hla thar a tichhuah tur thu hi tun hnai khan social media kal tlangin a puang a, a video clip tawi te a dah chhuak tel bawk. El Bano hi ‘Subeme La Radio’ hnua a hla tichhuah leh hmasak ber tur a ni a, a fan-te tan chuan thu lawmawm tak a ni ngei ang.

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