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Canadian singer Avril Lavigne chu hun eng emaw chen a reh hnuah album thar nen a lo kir leh dawn. A album thar tur hi a buaipui leh mek a, a title tur erawh puanzar a la ni lo.

Avril hi record label, BMG Rights Management nena inremna an siam a, hemi hnua a album hmasa ber tur a ni. A album hnuhnung ber ‘Avril Lavigne’ chu kum li liam ta vel khan a tlangzarh a, tunah chuan music khawvelah hla thar nen lo kir leh a tum ta a ni. Nikum September thla khan album a buaipui thu hi a lo sawi tawh a, a fan-te chu dawh thei taka lo nghak turin a ngen.

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