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Yadanarpon Cyber City University(UT-YCC) students in US$ 75 million lawmman an dawng

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Puanthui khawl(Sewing Machine) atang electricity pe chhuak thei tura an siam chhuah a vangin “VentureWell OPEN 2018 conference” ah US$ 3000 man lawmmawn tha tak leh US$ 75 million chu hlan an ni.

Texas A&M University in “Invent for the Planet” tih title a buatsaih science fair inelna ah hian ram 15 a tanga students 400 chuang rawn kal in, darkar 45 chhunga thil siam chhuah tur a ni.

Myanmar ram a tang a inel tura kal, Yadanarpon Cyber City Techology University(UT-YCC) student mi 5 te : Ms. Van Lal Ruati, Ms. Thiri Ko Ko, Mr. Hein Dwe San, Mr. Htet Wei Lin leh Ms. Hnawng Thet Hta Wei te hian “Edu-LIGHTER” tih group hmingin an va tel a ni.

He inelna ah hian “Illumi-Nite” team in Winner nihna la in, “Edu-LIGHTER” hian 1st runner up a hmu a ni.

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