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Tun lai ṭhalai te’n a kan buaipui em em TIKTOK chuan, naupang kum 13 hnuai lam ho vin an upload video zawng zawng chu an delete lo a ni tiin ‘The Center for Digital Democracy’ leh ‘Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’ ten an sawi. 

Photo: Tiktok logo

Tiktok hian kum 2019, February khan FTC agreement ah naupang kum tling lo(kum 13 hnuai lam) ho post video zawng zawng delete turin a lo rem ti tawh a ni.

Photo: Tiktok

Tiktok a thusawi theihna nei Pi Hilary McQuaide chuan an complaint-na chu ti hian a chhang let a, “Privacy hi kan la serious em em a, Tiktok hi a hmang tu te tan safe tak leh hman nuam tawk a la ni zel ang.”

Photo: Mrs. Hilary McQuaide

Tiktok, tia hriat lar bawk chuan phalna tel lova an hming, Email address, phone number leh thil dang private information an lo lak avangin US$5.7 million an lo chawi tawh ani.

Photo: Tiktok leh

An complaint-na ah chuan “Tiktok hmang tu te zingah kum 12 hnai lam pawh tam tak an awm a, an video upload ho 2016 mi te pawh tun thleng hian delete an la ni lo hlawm a ni” tih a ni.

Source: South China Morning Post

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