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Satellite pawh kan kap tla thei

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India Prime minister Mudi chuan Khawvel pawn lama satellite pawh kan missilein a kap thla thei tawh a ni tih a puang ve ta. Khawvel leilungin ni  a helna kawnga an dah Stellite chu (mel 1200) thelh lovin kan kap thei tih a sawi.

In ruahman sa lovin March 27 Nilai ni hian Mudi chuan India sawrkarin Satellite kahthlakna missile a neih thu a puang thut a ni. Satellite kap thla thei ramte chu US, Rusia,China leh tuna Indiate hi an ni. Hemi thupuan chungchangah ram dangte chhan letna engmah a la awm lo.

source ‘BBC’

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