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Game kan khelh chang, video kan en chang leh facebook kan hman changin mobile a rawn lum leh vut vut thi, kan mobile rawn lum chhuak lo tur chuan engtin nge kan ven theih ang?

1. Internet ah hla/ video kan download laia software or app dang kan hman hian mobile a ti lum duh hle. Online atang thil kan download chhung hi chuan Facebook pawh hman loh hrih a tha hle a ni.

2. Battery charge chungin internet, video en, game khelh leh mi kan biak hian mobile a lum duh hle a battery pawh a ti chhe vat a ni.

3. Phone cover hi a that hle rualin mahse phone cover thenkhat chuan kan mobile a ti lum/sa hma hle bawk.

4. Mobile zan khua a charge loh tur a ni.

5. Mobile background a tana tangkai tak Battery App, internet ti chak tu app, Task Killer, Speed Tester te leh Virus App hian battery an heh em em a, kan hman kher loh pawhin battery an lo hmagnru reng a, mobile a ti lum hma em em bawk ani, chu vang chuan heng app te hi uninstall a tha hle a ni.

6. Charger a rem rem hman loh tur a ni, charger a rem rem hman hian battery a tih chhiat theih mai bakah mobile thlengin a ti chhe thei bawk. Charger a chhiat pawhin original ngat lei theih a tha hle bawk.

Heng a chunga kan tarlan takte hian kan mobile battery a ti chhia a mobile pawh pawh a ti tlo lo a ni.

Credit: itpoekar

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