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Australia-in drone leh robot siamna tur tech hub siam dawn

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Australia sorkar chuan an ram defence force-te hman tur drone leh robot supply-tu tur, tech hub chu dollar matkaduai 38.30 senga siam a ni dawn tih a sawi. He tech hub hi Queensland State-in a siam dawn a ni.

Queensland Innovation Minister Kate Jones chuan centre an siam tur chuan indsutry, researcher leh tualchhung sumdawng mite a hip dawn hle tih sawiin, technology thar hmanga drone leh unmanned vehicle siamna kawngah defence force an thawhpui dawn tih a sawi. He tech hub aṭang hian army, airforce leh navy-te an supply bakah, agriculture leh environment research lamah technology project te pawh an siam tel dawn a ni.


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