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UFC 274-ah Brazilian Fighter Charles Oliveira-a’n Weight A Miss Avangin A Lightweight Title Hlihsak A Ni

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Brazilian fighter Charles Oliveira leh Justin Gaethje te chu UFC 274 main event-ah inhmachhawn tura ruahmanna kalpui mek niin, he bout hi Oliveira tan a vawi 2-na atan a title hum a tumna tur hun pawimawh tak a ni.

Mahse, vanduaithlak takin UFC 274-ah hian Lightweight Title vawngtu Charles Oliveira chuan weight a miss avangin a title hlihsak a ni thung.

UFC 274 Weigh-ins chu Justin Gaethje chuan hlawhtling takin a paltlang a, headliners chanve chu a zo der a ni. Mahse, Oliveira leh Gaethje te hi UFC 274 a inhmachhawn tur an nih thu chu Official a puan a ni ta tho a, champion lai ang niloin Lightweight title thar an chuh dawn hmel ta a ni.

UFC 274 a weight miss chungchangah hian inhnialna a tam ang reng hle a, UFC commentator leh fighter ni bawk Paul Felder pawhin weight miss hi a sawisel ve bawk.

Charles pawhin he a weight miss chungchangah hian Instagram kaltlangin thuchhuah a siam ve nghal a, thuneitute sawisel lam aiin ‘a hnenah Pathian a awm reng’ tiin ngawih a chuh zawk a ni.

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