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Sweden ram chuan 3 na an chang

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2019 France ram a FIFA Women’s World Cup inkhelhnaah Sweden ram chuan pathumna an chang ta a ni. England nen an inkhelhnaah hian goal 2 goal 1 in Sweden hi an chak a, an inkhelh tan atanga minute 11 ah Asllani (Sweden) chuan England lamah chuan goal khat a thun nghal a ni. A goal hnihna pawh minute 22 ah Jacobbson chuan a thun leh ta a ni.Minute 31 ah chuan England lam Kirby chuan Sweden lamah goal khat a thun lut thei a, minute 33  ah England lam vek White chuan a awmin a dang goal ve leh nain goala pawmsak a ni lo va, an chak ta lo a ni.


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