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MMA(One Championship) inkhelhna ah Burmese Boxing hi telh ve theih a beisei thu One Championship President chuan a sawi a ni tiin InsiderMedia UK chuan a sawi a ni.

Photo: One Championship President

One Championship hi kum 2011 ah lo in ṭan in, Asia ram hrang hrangah kum khatah match 10 an lo nei ṭhin a ni.

“‘One’ ah hian martial art pakhat chiah focus lovin muay Thai, boxing, kick boxing, inchêi te a tel vek angin Burmese boxing pawh hi telh theih kan duh a ni, eng mah indanna awm lova pakhat leh pakhat in hnek hi martial art pakhat a ni’ tiin Chartri chuan a lo sawi a ni.

One Championship hian MMA match chauh ni lo pawh 2018 aṭang khan Muay Thai leh Kick boxing te pawh ‘One Super Series’ tih hmingin an lo telh tawh ani,

Tunah chuan COVID-19 avangin match zawng zawng chawlh hrih a ni na a, engkim a ṭhat leh hunah chuan mipui duh ang in ropui takin match kan hawng leh ang a ti a ni.

Photo: Tial Thang
Photo: Aung La N Sang
Photo: MMA fight

Source: 7Day TV

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