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Manchester club hian Europe champion league an khel thei lo vang

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Manchester City football club hian Europe champion League inkhelhnaah an tel thei lovang tih thuthang a chhuak. A  chhan chu Man-City hian Premier League champion an khelhnaah Europe football Association in an siam finance dan an bawhchhia a ni an ti.

Man-city hian Europe football Association dan chu palzutin anmahni sponsor tute company hnen atang tanpuina sum an la ni ngeiin an hria  a ni. He an rinhlelhna hi a dik chuan Europe champion Leagueah an tel phal a ni lo vang. Thuneitu pakhat chuan tun hi an finfiah tan chauh a nih avangin tun tum ni lovin, hremna hi 2021 kumah a ni zawk ang a ti.


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