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Khawvel a tê ber Chess Board

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Turkey ah chuan pa pakhat hian khawvel a te fel âm ber Chess Game khelhna tur Chess Board chu a siam a ni.

Necati Korkmaz chuan a thilsiam te chu ‘Genius World Record’ a an telh thuai a beisei a ni.

Photo: Chess te ber

‘Khawvela Chess board te ber’ nihna lo hauh mek chu Mr. Necati-a ṭhianpa American mi, thil chher thiam tak a nih thu Mr. Necati-a chuan a sawi.

Genius World Record ni mek Chess te ber chu 15.5 mm bial a ni.

Tuna Korkmaz-a siam ve thung erawh chu 9mm bial lek niin khawvela te ber Official a an pawm thuai a beisei a ni.

Photo: Necati Korkmaz

Board ah hian Chess khelh nan Black and White Chess toys 32 a tel a ni.

A thil siam nan hian nikhatah dar kar 6 pe in, thla 6 chhung a siam thu chu Korkmaz-a chuan a sawi.

A san zawng hi 1 mm leh 3 mm inkar niin a bik a siam hmawlh nen chess chu a in fiam theih a ni.

Source: 7Day TV

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