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A dawng leh ta

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Foot ball khawvela mi hmingthang, Christian Ronaldo chuan 2019 lawmman pekna ah lawmman pahnih a dawng leh ta. Arab khawvei a khawpui hmingthang Dubai khawpuia Globe Soccer Award chuan kum khat chhunga inkhel tha ber leh goal thun thiam ber lawmman a lo buatsaih chu Christian Ronaldo hian a phir lak leh hmak mai.

Infiamna neih chhung zawng zawnga ball khel tha ber lawmman erawh Brazil foot ball lalpa Ronaldo an a dawng ve thung. Kum khat chhung team tha ber lawmman chu  Atlatico Madrid in an dawng.

source ‘DVB’

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