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Euro 2020-ah Portugal In 3-0 A Hungury An Hneh Hnuah Juventus Striker Cristiano Ronaldo Chuan History A Siam Ta!

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European championship-ah Portugal in Hungary laka 3-0 a hnehna an chan hnuah Captain Cristiano Ronaldo chuan Euros history-ah goal khung hnem ber nihna a hauh ta. Thawhlehni liam ta khan ram 2 te hi Euro 2020 opening match-ah intumin, Portugal an chak a ni.

Cristiano Ronaldo hian France player ropui Michel Platini chu Thawhleh nia Euro 2020 opening match ah Hunguary an hneh hnuin, European championship history ah goal khung tam lamah a lehpel ta ani.

Juventus Striker kum 36 mi hian European tournament ah goal 11 a khung lut tawh a, France player Michel Platini hian goal 9 khungin, a aiin goal 2 in hma a hruai a ni.

Euros Top Five Scorerers-te:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Por) – 11 goals
  2. Michel Platini (France) – 9 goals
  3. Alan Shearer (Eng) – 7 goals
  4. Antoine Griezmann (France) – 6 goals
  5. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (NED) – 6 goals.

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