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Wah ramah gas leh zen puak vangin mi 16 an thi

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Myanmar Wah Autonomous ram Maimaw khuaah gas leh zen te a puaka mi 16 an thi a, mi 48 lai an hliam tiin Wah sipaipawl chuan an sawi. Inrin ni tlai lam 5:00pm vel khan gas leh zente an dahna kodamah a puak palh a ni tiin Lashu comminication officer U Nyi Yan chuan a facebookah a tarlang.

Wah Autonomous khawpui PanSan ah kum 30 chhung inremna event chu April 15 hian siam tura an inbuatsaih lai takin hetiang thil hi a rawn thleng a ni.

source ‘VOA’

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