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December ni 18 zan dar 8 vel khan Ayeyawady khawte pakhat Kuan an tih hmunah a nau-in a pianpui a u dik tak chu chem-in a vit hlum a ni.


Pu Min Tan kum 45 chu a nau pu Tau Kyi kum 43 an chem a, a vih hnuah thenawmte tanpuina dil tumin a tlan chhuak nghal a mahse tanpui hman loh in a boral nghal a ni.

Kuan khaw lal chuan Pu Tau Kyi-an a u a that vang chuan police station ah a report nghal a ni. Police te chuan Tau Kyi hi an man nghala tualthat case 302 hmangin a chung thu an rel dawn a ni.


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