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THAILAND a hnathawk rawn hawng mi 200 chuang chu Covid-19 test an ni.

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Bangkok aṭang a Myanmar Embassy puihna nena Myawadi ramri a rawn thleng ho chu Covid-19 an neih leh neih loh an check nghal ani.

Embassy puihna in Thailand a awm Myanmar mi hnathawk, Covid-19 pandemic avanga hawng thei lo ho chu Bangkok aṭang May ni 23 khan an lo chhuak ṭan ani.

Chu tia hawng ho chu Myanmar-Thailand border, Myawadi khawpui an thlen chuan Health worker ho chuan an lo test nghal ani.

“Nimin khan mi 200 chuang an rawn thleng a, an vaiin kan lo test thei nghal ani”, tiin Myawadi district administrator U Ti Zar Aung-a chuan a sawi.

Photo: U Ti Zar Aung

Embassy puihna nen ni lova rawn hawng te pawn an awm nual a, nimin May ni 23 khan mi 600 chuang ramri an rawn thleng ani. An zinga mi 200 chuang chuah chu Covid-19 test an ni.

Chu tiang a testing na lam a an in daih loh avangin Nay Pyi Taw lam aṭangin puihna a rawn lut thuai ang tiin U Ti Zar Aung-a chuan a sawi tel bawk.

Vawiin May ni 24 ah chuan Thailand aṭang rawn hawng belh tur mi 1000 chuang an awm a ni a ti. Chung zinga Embassy a hming in pe mi 300 an awm a ni.

Source: 7Day TV

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