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Pickpocket tuar Indian Consulate wallet chu a tih bo na hmun vekah a hmu let

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Mandalay khawpui a Indian Consulate chu a Bazar kal laiin a wallet[pawisa bur] ruk sak a ni a, chu wallet chu vawiin zing khan an hmu leh a ni tiin Indian consulate office chuan a sawi.

June ni 6 khan Chan Mya Thar Si Township, New Town Market a, a bazar lai chuan a wallet an lo ruk sak avangin Police station ah a report nghal a ni.

Vawiin zing khan a bò na bazar ah vek hmuh leh niin, a chhunga pawisa chu an lo la vek a, thil dang pawimawh chu wallet chhungah an la dah a ni.

A ru tu chu man ni lo mahse wallet chhunga thil pawimawh kim taka a hmuh leh avangin Police a case theh luh chu an ti tawp leh a ni.

Source: 7Day TV

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