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Ngaihdam dil turin

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Seven July a zirlaite chunga an thiltihte avangin ngaihdam an dil tur a ni tiin Yangon University zirlaipawlte hotu Min Han Htet chuan July 7 a hriatrengna 57na program an hmannaah mipuite hnenah a sawi. Dan ang taka Myanmar zirlaite hnenah ngaihdam dilna an neih hma chu hetiang hian kan ti zel dawn a ni a ti. Ralthuam pawh nei ve lo zirlaite chungah ralthuam hmanga tihduhdah an nih hi kan thinlaiah vawin thlengin a la cham tlata, kan thinlung atanga lachhuak tur chuan ngaihdam min dil a ngai tiin zirlai hotu pakhat chuan a sawi bawk.


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