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Myanmar-a Yagon khawpuiah nimin zing khan magnitude 6.0-a nain lir a nghing a,thil tihchhiat liantham erawh a nei lo.

US Geological Survey chuan ṭum eng emaw zat lir hi a nghing niin a sawi a, lirnghing hmasa ber hi zing lam dar 1 vela thleng niin magnitude 6.0-a na a ni. A nghin ṭanna hi Yangon hmarlam km 172 vela hla, Phyu khaw chhimthlang lam km 27 vela hlaa leihnuai km 10-a thukah a ni. Hemi hnu minute 20 chhung hian magnitude 5.3 leh magnitude 5.2-a nain a nghing zui leh a ni.

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