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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres chuan Myanmar rama Reuter journalist pahnih mante chu chhuah turin a ngen, ram dangte pawh journalist-te hi chhuah an nih theih nana an theihtawp chhuah turin a ngen nghal bawk.

Thawhlehni khan Reuter journalist pahnih, Wa Lone leh Kyaw Soe Oo te chu Yangon khaw daia police official-te hmu tura koh an ni hnuah an chin hriat lohin an zui a ni. Ningani khan Minitry of Information chuan journalist pahnih leh police pahnihte chu hren an nih thu leh, Official Secrets Act hnuaiah thubuai siamsak an nih thu a sawi a, thiam loh chantir an nih chuan kum 14 thleng lung-in tantir theih an ni ang. Ministry chuan journalist-te hi khawi hmunah nge hren an ni tih erawh a sawilang tel lo.

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