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‘Union hlawkna siamtu’ tih party thar chuan election commission hnenah February 5 khan an rawn in register hnuin an kalphung tur thupui 5 an tarlang. Ram leh mipuite hlawkna kan buaipui dawn a ni tiin parliament dan leh thildang ngaihtuahtu commission chairman U Swe Man chuan a puang. An moto 5 te chu…

1) Federal Union din tur.  2) Ram hmasawnna bul ber economic siam that.  3) Social nuna thil pawimawhber zirna, hriselna leh hnam nun chawisan. 4) Dikna dan hmanga rorel. 5) Kan ram nena inmil constitution siam that te an ni. He party hian mipuite thurawn pek a welcome reng  a ti bawk.

Party luber chu Tuyah Swe Man a ni. Ram hmasawnna turin eng party, eng pawl leh eng hnam nen pawh kan thawk tlang dawn tiin U Kyaw San chuan register an neih hnuah a sawi. Member 19 in an din a ni.

source ‘mizzima’

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