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Martial Arts Zirchhuak Hmeichhia Pawngsual A Tuma A Lo Vel Hrep!

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India, ram Tamil Nadu State-ah insualthiam, martial Arts zirchhuak hmeichhe pakhatin amah pawngsual tumtu pa pakhat chu a lo vel let hrep tih hriat a nia, police kutah a hlan nghal tih an sawi.

He hmeichhia hi US lam mi niin sakhaw thil pawimawhah Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu-ah a zina, Ramana Ashram tlawh tum a ni tih an sawi a ni. Covid-19 avangin lockdown puanzui a nia an ram US ah a haw nghal thei lo a ni.

A visa pawh pawhseisak niin Tamil Nadu ah hian i a luaha hreawm pawh sawi thei loin a khawsa tih an sawi. August 23 tlailam khan pawna a din reng laiin pa pakhat puithiam anga inthuam in a lo biaa inchhungah a hruai lut ta a ni.

Inchhungah chuan pawngsual tumin a bei zuia mahse, a rin ang erawh ani hauh lo, a hmeichhe pawngsual tum chu martial artist lo niin a vel let ta hrep maia a hmaiahte chuan hliam a hnutchhiat zui ta a ni.

Rang takin a chenna chhehvel mite punin police hnenah an hlan zui ta a ni. He misual hi Manikandan, Namakkal khaw mi niin sakhaw mi em em a ni lo tih an sawia, hmeichhe pawngsual a duh avangin lem a chang tih senior police officer in a tarlang.

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