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Lo thlir teh: Auto Driver Zei Zeta Lam Lai Video Hian Internet-ah Lawm A Hlawh Tak Zet!

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Tunlai khawvel chu Internet khawvel a nih angin minute reilote chhungin mite hriat i hlawh nghal thei a, zankhat thilthuah i nunpum kha a inthlakthleng thei bawk a ni.

Auto driver, mahni chantawka lungawi leh hlim thei tak a lam lai video chu tunlai hian a lar hle. He driver hian hla lar tak ‘Mala Jau Dyana Ghari’ hla play in zei lutum tak maiin a lam vel a, a lam lai video chu Maharashtra Information Centre a Director ni lai Dayanand Kamble in Twitter lamah a shared a, a darh ta chiam tih hriat a ni.

He video a zei mangkhenga lam Auto driver hi Pune lam mi Babaji Kamble niin an sawi. He video hi Dayanand Kamble chuan microblogging website lamah a caption, “He is #BabajiKamble, an auto driver from Baramati #Pune. Make him famous (sic)” tia ziakin a pholang a ni.

Auto stand driver a lam lai video hi pholan a nih atanga reilote chhungin mi nuai chuangin an en hmana, vawi 45000 chuang like a hmu bawk. Lo thlir ve la. VIDEO

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