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Iyawadi division leh a ruka Sai thahna

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Sai thah ruk pawh ni kum aiin kuminah chuan a nep deuh tawh a ni tiin Iyawadi division chief Minister U Hla Moe Aung chuan a sawi. March 15 khan Pathei khawpuiah Iyawadi divisiona Sai humhimtute chu chawimawina an nei.

Iyawadi divisionah 2017 kum khan ram sai 16 lai an that a, 2018 ah ve thung chuan 7 chauh an that a ni. Hetianga ram sai thah hi Iyawadi division chhunga Pathei leh Ngapuhtaw bialah an tam ber a, ram Sai that hmang mi 13 lai an man tawh bawk a ni.

source ‘mizzima’

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