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FB Live a in awk hlum case chu Police ten an chhui zui nghal

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Facebook LIVE ngei a in awk hlum, Yangon City Thanlyin township a mi chu Thanlyin Police station chuan an chhui zui nghal a ni.

Nimin June ni 8 a thil thleng a ni.

Tuna thi ta hian ama FB account ngei aṭang, a in awk hlum lai hi a LIVE a ni.[Live Video hi Facebook in a lo remove hman tawh a ni]

Chu pa ruang chu Police ten an han en dik chuan a taksa pawn lama hliam awm lovin a nghawng ruh tliah avanga thi a ni tiin an sawi.

Tun hi Investigation neih mek a nih avangin a result hriat hunah court ah theh lut zel tur a ni ang.

He thil thleng ah hian an veng lal, a thi ta nupui, an venga thu hre tu pa 2 leh an chhungkua zinga mi pakhat te chu thu zawh fiah ani dawn ani.

Source: 7Days TV

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