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Ram chhung ram pawn lam atanga investment lak luh dan an buaipui mek laiin engvanga Chin state hian kum 29 chhung meuh mai investment a hmuh ve lo tih chu Parliament member pakhat chuan zawhna a siam a ni. February ni 7 khan Tan Hlin parliament member U Lwin Ko Lat chuan kum 2017-2018 chhunga investment pakhatmah luh ve lohna Kaya state leh Chin state tan investment sawm nan a bika zalenna siam sak chi a nih leh nih loh chu a zawt ta a ni.

Lwin Ko Lat chuan 1988 atanga tun thleng hian Kaya state hian ramdang investment pakhat, ram chhung investment pathum a hmu. Mahse Chin state chuan eng investment pakhatmah tun kum 29 chhung hian a hmu ve lo. Kan ramin a thil tum hlen turin tunah hian kan tan nasat a ngai a ni a ti.

Ministry of Treasury minister U Set Aung chuan ‘ ramdang atanga investment hmu thei turin Kaya state leh Chin state ah kum sarih chhung income tax kan free tir dawn a ni a ti. Tin inkalpawhna a awl loh avangin kumtam hman theihna (kum 70) pawh parliamentin rem a tih chuan a ni thei a ni a ti.

source ‘mizzima’

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