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Bagan ah Pagoda an rawk

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Myanmar— Bagan ‘World Heritage’ a pagoda pa 5 te chu tu tih hriat lovin an lo rawk a ni tih thu chu Department of Archeology and National Museum (Bagan Division) Deputy Director U Myint Than-a chuan a sawi.

Vawiin zinga Security in an check na ah hmu in, nimin lama thil thleng a nih an rin thu an sawi.

Photo: Bagan

Heng ang a pagoda rawk an awm avang hian Bagan Police station ah case theh luh a ni dawn ani.

An rawk tak Pagoda te chu an chhiat tak tak hmain siam ṭhat hna an thawk leh vat dawn ani.

Covid-19 avang hian Bagan ah hian tourist kal khap a ni a, Pagoda siam ṭhat mek hna te pawh an chawl hrih a ni.

Photo: Bagan

Security a tan chuan nitin en dik ṭhin chu a ni a, chu tia he thil thleng hi hmu ta an ni.

Bagan ah hian pagoda 3000 chuang a awm a ni.

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