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April thla nawiah Yangon leh Mague thlawhna a service ve tan dawn

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Yangon leh Mague chu 2019 April thla nawi atang hian kar khatah vawi hnih thlawhtheihna an service tir tawh dawn a ni tiin Union sawrkar chuan Mague division sawrkar chu a hriattir a ni. Kar khata vawi hnih thlawhna service tura ngenna hi 2019 January 1 khan Division sawrkar chuan Union sawrkar hnenah lehkha a lo theh lut a ni.

Mague-Yangon-Mague service tur hian passenger an tam dawn lo avangin sum sen pawh hmuh let beisei ngam lo mahse Myanmar National Airway chuan Caravan thlawhna hmangin Yangon-Mague chu kar tin Thawhleh ni zing 8:00 – 9:30 am thleng, Mague – Yangon chu 10:00 – 11:30 am thleng tiin Transport ministry chuan a sawi.


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