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India aṭang lo hawng Sipai te zingah Covid-19 hmuh belh

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India aṭang training zova Myanmar a rawn hawng sipai te zingah Covid-19 positive hmuh a ni tiin ‘Defense Service Office’ chuan vawiin hian report a chhuah.

May ni 24 khan India aṭangin Sipai 18 te training hawng chu MNA flight nen Yangon ah rawn thlawk lut in, quarantine nghal an ni.

Photo: Sipai

An zinga mi 4 ah Covid-19 positive hmuh an lo ni tawh a, a dang sipai 14 te chu test na neih leh a nih tak ah chuan pakhat hmuh belh a ni.

Heng positive sipai ho te chu a hran pa in Mingalardong Hospital ah dan niin an hriselna pawh a ṭha viau a ni.

Tun thleng chuan Myanmar ah Covid-19 positive case 244 an awm a ni.

Source: 7Day TV

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