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Vote thlak thei million 900 an nei

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An lo chin thin a ni. Mi pakhat chauh pawh awm se, vote buaipuitute chuan enganga hla pawh ni se vote bur nen an pan tang tang zel a ni. Tun Aprila India inthlanna turah hian vote thlak thei million 900 lai an awm a, heihi khawvel pumpui mihring 12% an tling pha a ni.

State 29 leh union ram 7 ah he inthlanna hi buatsaih a ni dawn a ni. Vote thlakna hmun tura an ruat ringawt pawh 10,000,000 lai a tling. Hmun thenkhat phei chu tlang sangahte an awm a, Meters 4400 vela thlang sang lawn tur hian km 20 te kein an kala, chaw, tui, touch light, mutpuan, Oxygen bur leh vote bawmte an keng thin.


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