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Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) Crossing Authority in report a tihchhuahah, kum 2017 chhung khan Palestinian mi maktaduai 15-te chuan crossing point hrang hrang aṭangin Israel an lut niin a tarlang. Kum 2016 aiin Palestinian mi lut hi 15% in an tam zawk a ni.

Report-a a landanin, kum 2017 chhung hian chawhrualin nitin Palestinian mi 60,000 chuang chu Israel-ah hian hna thawk tur te, damlo inenkawl turte leh sumdawnna lam thilahte an lut a ni. MOD Crossing Authority hian Israel-Gaza border-a Kerem Shalo leh Erez crossing point bakah Judea leh Samaria crossing point-te a enkawl a ni.

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