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Mexico chuan US President Donald Trump-an ram pahnihte inrina-a daidanna bang siam a tumah a senso engmah a tum ve dawn lo tih a sawi nawn leh.

Mexico economy ministery Ildefonso Guarjardo chuan President Enrique Pena Nieto pawhin hemi chungchang hi chiang takin a lo sawi tawh a, Mexico chuan bang siamna senso hi US hnenah engmah a pe dawn lo a ni, ati. Hetih lai hian US President Trump chuang bang siamna man hi Mexico tum tir a tum thu a sawi leh a ni.

Donald Trump hian Ningani-a Wall Street Journal-in a interview-na a tihchhuahah hemi chungchang hi a sawi a, Mexico nena an inri-naa bang siam turah Mexico chuan a senso hi a tum dawn a ni a ti a, bang siam chuan dan loa Mexico aṭanga US-a pem lut ṭhinte a veng thei dawn a ni, a ti. Trump chuan ramri hungna bang siamna atana an senso zawng zawng chu Mexico hian indirect-in, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) kaltlangin a tum dawn a ni, a ti.

Trump hian NAFTA duan a nih dan chu US tana ṭha tawk lo niin a sawi a, he inremna hi US ṭhatna tura duan ṭhat a nih loh chuan inhnuhdawhah a vau a ni. NAFTA siamṭhat dan chungchang ngaihtuahhian Guarjardo hi Washington-ah a kal a, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer nen an inkawm a ni. Guajardo chuan US official-te nena meeting an neihnaah ramri bang siam tur chungchang hi sawilan a ni lo tih a sawi.


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