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China-in Vietnam sawisel

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China chuan Vietnam-in South China Sea-a oil zawn hna thawk tura India a sawm chu a sawisel a, hei hi an ram dikna chanvo palzut sakna niin a sawi.

India-a Vietnam ambassador Ton Sinh Thanh chuan India-in South China Sea-a economic zone-a oil leh natural gas sector-a investment a ti chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.

China Foreign Ministry thupuangtu Lu Kang chuan China-in an ṭhenawm ramten hmasawnna tura ram dang thawhpuina ṭha tak an nei thei chu a dodal lo tih a sawi a, mahse China dikna chanvo palzut zawng leh, an biala himna tichhe thei zawnga thiltih chu an duh loh tih a sawi.

South China Sea hi ram hrang hrang ten neitu nihna an inchuh mek a, a inchuh zingah hian China leh Vietnam pawh an tel. China chuan South China Sea 90% chu a ram chin niin a chhal a, mahse Vietnam bakah Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia leh Brunei-te pawhin neitu nihna hi an chuh a ni.

Vietnam palai chuan an dikna huam china India chu oil zawng tura sawm an nih thu a sawi. India-a ONGC Videsh Ltd chuan Vietnam thununna hnuaia awm chin, South Chian Sea-abasin 128-ah oil zawn hna hi a thawk mek a ni.



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