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British sorkar ding lai chungah rinna kan nei lo tiin opposition party (Labor) chuan parliamentah thu a thet lut a, mahse dinglai sorkarin chakna an chang ta a ni.

Tuna ding lai sorkar hi parliament member 325 ten an vote a, member 306te chuan an vote duh lo a ni.Kalhtu partyten an thun dinglai sorkar rinna kan nei tawh lo tih hi Scotich party leh Liberal democrat  partyten an thlawp a ni.

EU atanga British sorkar indang tura Treasure May leh EU thurualna chu British parliament member ten vote thlakin January 15 khan an paih thlak sak.Chuveleh opposition party chuan dinglai sorkar chungah rinna kan nei tawh lo tih chu parliamentah an theh lut ta  a ni.

source ‘BBC’

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