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Abbas-an Trump-a peace plan a sawisel

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas chuan US President Donald Trump-an Middle East-a remna leh muanna a awm theihna tura ruahmanna a siam chu sawiselin, he ruahmanna hi anmahni hmusitna lantirna anga a ngaih thu a sawi.

Abbas chuan Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) Central Council hmaah Trump-a rawtna siam hi sawiselin, anni bawkin an bei let dawn tih a sawi nghal bawk.

PLO Central Council meeting hi ni hnih awh turin Pathianni aṭang khan neih a ni a, meeting-ah hian Mideast-a remna a awm theihna tura ruahmanna siam te, Israel nena an inlaichinna chungchang leh, nikum December thlaa President Trump-an Israel khawpui atana Jerusalem a pawm thu a puan chungchangte an ngaihtuah ho dawn a ni.

Abbas chuan Jerusalem chu Mecca ang mai anih thu sawiin,Jerusalem aia pawimawh dang a awm lo a, a ti. Palestinian-te chuan Israel-in a luahsak mek, East Jerusalem chu Palestinian ram hran a din huna an ram khawpui atana hman an tum a ni. Mahse Israel chuan East Jerusalem pawh Jerusalem huam chhunga awm vek a ni tiin, ṭhen hran theih a nih lo tih a sawi thung.


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