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Brazil governor hlui kum 13 tang turin hrem

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Brazil governor hlui kum 13 tang turin hrem

Brazil-a Mato Grosso state governor hlui, Silval Barbosa chu sum tichingpena puhna thubuaiah thiam loh chantirin, kum 13 leh thla sarih tang turin hrem a ni.

Barbosa hian governor term hnihna a chelh lai, kum 2011-2014 inkar khan an state enkawlna tur sum, Reai maktaduai 2.5 chuang chu a tihchingpen nia puh a ni. He sum tihchingpennaah hian a cabinet minister pasarih pawh inhnamhnawiha puhin thiam loh chantir an ni bawk. Thiam loh chantirte hi kum sarih chhung politics an khelh khapsak an ni bawk.

Barbosa hma hian Rio de Janeiro state governor hlui pathum chu eiruk thubuaiah man an lo ni tawh bawk a,  Sergio Cabral Filho chu kum 45 tang tura hrem a ni.

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