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2020 Election: Foreign a awm te tan awlsam taka VOTE pek theih dan tur ngaihtuah a ni ang.

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Kum 2020 inthlanpuiah chuan ram dang a awm Vote pe duh te tan an hnaih ber na hmunah pe thei turin kan buatsaih ang tiin National Election Committee Spoke person U Myint Naing-a chuan a sawi.

Ram dang a awm Vote pek theihna nei te tan awlsam taka an awmna hmun hnaih a pek theihna tur buatsaih tur thu chu National Election Committee Spoke person U Myint Naing-a chuan UEC facebook page ah a sawi lang a ni.

Photo: 2015 election

Kum dang a inthlanna ah kha chuan ram danga awm te tan Embassy, Consulate Office ah te chuan advance vote an va thlak a ni.

Ram dang a awm te tan transportation lam a harsatna, sum rem chan loh avanga vote va thlak thei ta lo te an awm nual avangin vote thlak an tlem a ni tiin U Myint Naing-a chuan a sawi.

2010 Inthlanpuiah khan ram dang awm vote 6000 chuang, 2015 Inthlanpuiah mi 30,000 chuangin an vote niin National Election Committee report ah a in ziak a ni.

2020 Inthlanpui tur hi kumin kum tawp lamah an buatsaih tur thu National Election Committee chuan an sawi a ni.

Photo: 2015 Election

Source: 7Day TV

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