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The Rock, A Nupui Hlui Leh Redbird Ṭangkawpin American Football XFL US $I5 Million In An Lei

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Former wrestler leh Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson leh a nupui hlui Dany Garcia leh investment Company Redbird Capital Partners tang kawpte chuan XFL an lei tih thawm hriat a ni.

American Football XFL neitu Alpha Entertainment LLC chuan sum lamah an tlakchhiat tak avangin XFL chu auction turin thu an titlu ta ani. Tianga an lilam lai hian The Rock hian a ngam sang bera nia sawi a nia, he XFL hi a nupui hlui leh Redbird tang kawpin an lei zui ta ani.

XFL Chairman Jaffrey Pollack pawhin The Rock leh a nupui hlui inkawpin an Club XFL an lei ta chu an lawm thu an sawi lang ve bawk.

‘The Rock’ tia hriat hlawh zet Dwayne Johnson hi ‘Fast and Furious’ leh ‘Jumanji’ movie ahte a chang hlawhtling hle bawk. Amah The Rock pawhin XFL chu lungawi takin an lei tih a sawi lang ve nghe nghe a ni.

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