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Second 6 Chhung Lekin Saphaiin Sakhi Lian Tak Mai A Dawlh (+Video)

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He Saphai hi lian lutuk pawh a ni lova a mah aia a let 5 vela lian Sakhi a dawlh dan hi a hnehsawh lutuka a mak hial zawk. South Africa rama thil thleng a ni.

An hnathawhna hmun ramah a ni a, an va hmuh hian Sakhi hi Saphaiin a lo ti hlum tawha dawlh a lo tum mek niin a hmun an va thleng chiah chu Second 6 chhung lek a dawlh ta mai a ni.

Saphai hi a lian em em lova chawn puar tiah lek ni mahse a thil dawlh erawh a lian turu hle. Mihring pawh awlsam takin a dawlh thei dawn tihna a ni. Video hi lo en ve rawh le.

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