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Nigeria Sawrkar Chuan Hmeichhia Pawngsualtute Chu An Tilreh A Ni Dawn Tih A Nemnghet

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Africa, Nigeria, Kaduna State sawrkar chuan September 12, 2020 khan meeting pawimawh tak koin an ram chhungah hmeichhe pawngsualtute chu an tilreh a ni tawh dawn tih a nemnghet.

September 17, 2020 ah Kaduna state Governor chuan pawngsualtute chunga hremna dan chu officiala passed a nih thu a puang a ni. Africa ramah Kaduna state chu mihring tamna ber state a nia pawngsual thubuai pawh a tam ang reng hle tih an sawi.

COVID-19 avangin pawngsual thubuai pawh a pung nasaa, ramchhung hmeichhe intelkhawmte chuan sawrkar thuneitute hnenah hremna dan mumal tak duang turin an lo nawr tawh a ni.

State thuneitu Governor Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai chuan “He hremna dan hi hun lo awm zel turah hmeichhiate humhimna tur a ni” tiin a sawi.

Mipa in hmeichhia kum 14 hnuailam a pawngsual a nih chuan a tilrehsak a nih dawn bakah damchhung tan emaw leh thi tura an chungthu rel theih a nih dawn tih dan thar hian a huam tel bawk. (Metro)

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