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Israel Sipaiten Hamas Leiverh (Tunnel) An Bei; Mi 155 An Thi Tawh. Mithi Zingah Naupang An Tam

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Israel Sipaite chuan Gaza atanga Israel kal pawhna tur Hamas ho leiverh (tunnel) chu tukin May 14 chawhma lam khan bomb chak tak nen an bei chhunzawm leh tih hriat a ni.

Israel Defence Forces tarlan danin indo thlawhtheihna 140 hmangin minute 40 chhung he Hamas leiverh hi tichhiat tumin an thawk chhuaka, northern Gaza a an target 150 ah missiles 450 zet an thlak zui bawk.

Palestinian health authority sawidanin Gaza strip Israel in a beihnaah hian mi 155 an thi tawh tih tarlangin, naupang thi an awm nual bawk a ni. Tunnel beihna ah erawh casualty an awm leh awm loh an tarlang lo thung a ni. Thawhtanni thleng khan Israel ah mi 7 in nunna an chan tawha an zingah hian mipa naupang 1 a tel a ni.

Israel khawpui pakhat Ashkelon ah hian Gaza tanga rocket 5 lo lut zinga pakhat chuan chenna in pakhat a fuh hlauh maia, kum upa tawh lam mi 2 kum 60 mi leh kum 90 mite chu na takin an hliam tih hriat a ni.

Israel leh Palestine buaina hian zual lam a pan zela, UN Security Council in Friday a thutkhawm hmanhmawh a kohna chu US in a tihkhawtlai avangin meeting an kalpui thei ta lo a ni.

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