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Hriamhrei Keng USDP Lam Tang Pawlkhatte Chuan NLD Mi Leh Sa 3 An Sathlum!

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Myanmar buaina chuan rehlam a pan mai loh avangin mipuite nunphung pawh a nghawng nasa hle.

Pwint Phyu Myone, Kyaung Kone Gyi khuaah hriamhrei keng pawlkhatten mipui an bei chiam a mi 3 an thih bakah midang 7 in hliam an tuar tih hriat a ni.

Hriamhrei hmanga mi beitute hi USDP party mi leh sate an nih thu an sawi a, hliam tuarte leh mithite pawh NLD party an nih thu an tualchhung mite chuan an sawi.

Buaina a chhuahna hmunah hian Police leh sipaite an lo thleng nghal a, mi 5 aia tam awm khawm phal loh a ni tiin thupek an siam zui ta a ni.

He pawikhawihnaa inhnamhnawih USDP party mi leh sate hi tualchhung lam Kyaung Kone Gyi khawmite chuan Police-te hnenah man turin ngenna an siam ve nghal tih an sawi.

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