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Viral video: China Khawpui Shouzhan City Van Boruak Thisen Rawng Rawngsenah A Chang! Lo Thlir Teh!

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May 7, Thawhtanni liam ta Zan Dar 8:00pm vel khan China ram, Zhejiang Province a khawpui pawimawh leh nuam tak mai Shouzhan City van boruak chu thisen ang maiin rawngsenah a chang thut tih an sawi.

He video Clip hi he khawpuia chengte ngei lak a nih thu an sawi a, Netizens te a tihrilhhaiin mak an ti hle a, comments pawh a nasa hle tih an sawi.

Hman lai atang tawhin heng ang thil mak leh dangdai a thlen hian Chinese mipuite chuan hun khirh leh thil thalo a thleng thin niin an sawi a, an pi leh pute hun lai atang tawhin he ngaihdan nghet tak hi an thinlungah a bet tlat niin an sawi a ni.

Tuna Chinese khawpui Shouzhan van boruak sen hi Mainland china mipuite chuan vanduaina thleng tur hrilhlawknaah an ngai a, mipuite pawn chhiatna thleng tur a awm nia ngaiin an ralkhel hman hle tih an sawi.

Twitter user tam takin he van boruak sen mak danglam tak hi mawi an tih laiin, a thente erawh chuan tihbaiawm an tiin an nel lutuk lem lo a ni.

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