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Vietnam rama a pangana Airline Bamboo Airway chuan January 16 khan service a nei thei ta a ni. He airways hi FLC group ta a ni a, an service tan ni hian an ram chhung hmun riatah an service thei a ni.

A thlawhchhuah hmasak tum hian passenger 180 leh crew hnathawk 5 nen Hochhimin atangin Hanuai khawpui Nuaibai international airport ah zing dar riat leh a chanve khan a tum.

Bamboo Airway hian America dollar billion 5.6 man 787-789 thlawhtheihna 20 meuh lei turin an hming an sign tawh an ti. Chubakah A 320 Airbus thlawhtheihna 24 chu lei turin an hming an sign bawk an ti.

source ‘DVB’

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